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NAYOPI - /neɪɒpɪ/

  •  Mr. & Mrs. Dubasia's name combined; Nayan + Gopi 

Based on Merging 2 Diverse Concept; 

  1. Vegetarian Restaurant; Promoting a flavoursome Lacto-Vegetarian society through offering Multi-Cuisine options.

  2. Conference Rooms; From regularly scheduled office hours with venture capitalists or other industry professionals, to networking with cheese tasting event with the whole community or celebrating annual corporate functions; our Conference Rooms of varying space will be available to accommodate everything.


  • Inspire and encourage upcoming business entrepreneurs, employees, students and enterprises to connect, learn and grow.

  • Introduce events both social and professional, happening every day to help individuals build and maintain a strong team culture with RSVP system for any events. 

  • Offer a unique venue to host events in our vibrant, thoughtfully-designed spaces which will be fully equipped and ready to book next public or private gathering.

  • The few events that will be encouraged are Lunch & Learns; enjoy a catered lunch whilst external corporate representatives can share expertise, knowledge and valuable tips. 

  • Networking Events; Expand your professional circle with hundreds of events. 

  • Wellness; Sessions for finding balance.

A Proud Member of Shreeji Group (Seychelles)


“A much needed concept to provide hall space for future trainings, workshops and guest speakers.”


Keshra Bhudia, Chairman & Managing Director of Shreeji Group (Seychelles)

“A Fresh Initiative by the next Generation of the Family Business!


Laxmi Trading

“A delicious approach to ethical eating by having a restaurant with unlimited vegetarian options in Seychelles.