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NAYOPI - /neɪɒpɪ/

  •  Mr. & Mrs. Dubasia's name combined; Nayan + Gopi 

Good food, good discussions, a Zen place; it is hard to find a venue in the Seychelles that encompasses all three.


Nayan and Gopi, both post graduates and both food lovers identified a need in the market and the NAYOPI concept was born. The power couple wanted to create a space that would make people forget the outside world through the ambience, the food, the décor and the vibe, even for just a moment. Then they thought, why stop there? Why not combine a space that would not only bring the food loving community together, but also provide businesses with a space to meet, collaborate and engage? NAYOPI - Restaurant & Business Centre is the embodiment of two intellectuals’ souls and their vision for creating a new entrepreneurial era in the Seychelles.


  • Inspire and encourage upcoming business entrepreneurs, employees, students and enterprises to connect, learn and grow.

  • Introduce events both social and professional, happening every day to help individuals build and maintain a strong team culture with RSVP system for any events. 

  • Offer a unique venue to host events in our vibrant, thoughtfully-designed spaces which will be fully equipped and ready to book next public or private gathering.

  • The few events that will be encouraged are Lunch & Learns; enjoy a catered lunch whilst external corporate representatives can share expertise, knowledge and valuable tips. 

  • Networking Events; Expand your professional circle with hundreds of events. 

  • Wellness; Offering wellness space to provide sessions for finding balance and yoga classes and events to give you an all in one experience that will rejuvenate and nourish your belly, body, mind and soul. 


“We believe in Mindful Living. We are here to provide a platform to make a difference, and share our space for bringing change, 

by being the change.


We live by a simple mantra - Do Dharma, Good Karma: be kind, forgive, love more, share, serve, eat healthy, exercise, do yoga, commune with nature, meditate, pray, just do good and good things will come back to you. We love meeting new souls, connecting and learning from one another.

At NAYOPI we take care of you!”


– Nayan&Gopi


Image by Content Pixie

NAYOPI Restaurant

Image by Jonathan Pielmayer
Tea & Coffee

Take a Break


Tea, Coffee & Selected Snacks


Mid-Morning Break

10.00am - 11.30am

Mid-Afternoon Break

(Excluding Monday)

3.00pm - 5.00pm


Image by Asiya Kiev
Catering & Events

Spoilt for Choice


& Saturdays

Host Meet & Greet or

Initimate Gathering with Customized Multi-Cuisine Menu Selection 



10.00am - 8.00pm


Unlimited Options

Mon. - Sat.

Seychelles' first restaurant aimed to serve with growing varieties of Vegan & Lacto-Vegetarian Options for Adults & Kids

Monday - Saturday

10.00am - 8.00pm

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