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Shreeji Group, Seychelles

The story is one of passion, optimism and faith in the country’s future.

At a time when few Seychelloise believed in the future of the Seychelles as it gained independence, the young entrepreneur Mr. Keshra V. Bhudia was among those taking action. This family business establishment has considerably expanded since 1997 to emerge into a widely diversified group with several sectors of activity such as Construction Specialist, Building Material and Hardware Trading, Food & General Merchants, Tourism Development & Hospitality, Medical Tourism,

Travel Agency and Residential & Commercial Development.

Pioneering in the field of Construction & Building Materials, the company sought to provide all under one roof. This would soon become the leitmotiv of the Shreeji Group development, before starting its diversification process. Leading the way in the various sectors where it is involved, the group has emerged today into a most respected group of the local economic landscape.

Shreeji Group 2020.jpg

A Proud Member of Shreeji Group (Seychelles)


“A much needed concept to provide hall space for future trainings, workshops and guest speakers.”


Keshra Bhudia, Chairman & Managing Director of Shreeji Group (Seychelles)

“A Fresh Initiative by the next Generation of the Family Business!


“A delicious approach to ethical eating by having a restaurant with unlimited vegetarian options in Seychelles.

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